Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guess Who's Back....

....back again....Erin's back....tell a friend!

It has officially been over a year since my last post which is absolutely ridiculous. I thought that starting a blog during the wedding planning process would be a good way to keep track of the fun stuff I was doing so I could look back at it one day and remember all the crazy times. Well....I was wrong! Planning a budget-friendly wedding while living 4.5 hours away meant a lot of travling and a lot of DIY projects. I got overwhelmed to say the least, and I neglected the blog....obviously! Ha!

Well, lots of things have changed and I'm a little more settled so I thought I would give it another try. You may be wondering what all has changed (or you may not care at which case, poo on you because I'm gonna tell you anyways!). I'm married now (for over 7 months!), the company I was working for in Fayetteville, AR relocated to Houston, TX which meant that hubby and I either had to dust off the ol' cowboy boots and move to south Texas or this girl had to get a new job! So, I got a job as a financial analyst at Windstream Communications which is headquartered in Little Rock, AR. We had always talked about moving closer to family after we got married and started thinking about having kids, and the move to Little Rock puts us 2.5 hours closer to both of our families. While the move had to happen sooner than we had anticipated (we haven't been married very long and we certainly aren't thinking about kids anytime soon!), we still think it was for the best. Leaving Fayetteville was bittersweet--I had been there for 8 years and it had become home to me...that's where Carey and I met, and where SO many fun memories were made--but, we were also excited about what the move to Little Rock meant to our future. Luckily, the hubs works from home (I know, lucky dog, right?!). He can live anywhere within his sales region so the move didn't effect his job. So, less than 2 months after our wedding, we packed up and headed south.

Another excited change is that, in just two days, Mr. and Mrs. Antoon (that's us!) will officially be homeowners!!! We are closing on our first home this Friday, and we are beyond excited. We have really been blessed and the good Lord is certainly smiling down on us right now. I'm sure the new house will be the subject of many blog posts in the upcoming future as we have a lot of fun things planned!

Well, that's pretty much it on what's new with me. I will try to keep updating the blog on a more regular basis. I hope to share lots of stuff with you guys that's more exciting than just what I did that day...must I remind you that I'm a financial analyst?! I'm sure most of you might be shocked to hear this, but that doesn't really make for very exciting days! Ha-ha! I love to read, cook, and craft so I will be sharing my thoughts on books I read, recipes I have tried, and crafts I attempt.

Check back soon!